Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is an ultra low cost carrier headquartered in the Miami area. Spirit operates ovr sixty scheduled flights throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Spirit was expanding its route structure, taking receipt of new air craft and launching a new and improved loyalty program. Meanwhile COVID concerns had slowed travel behavior and in many instances starved fans from attending live entertainment events. The travel and entertainment industries were suffering.



Spirit teamed up with the award winning country music star, Brett Young to produce a livestream concert on the FLL airport tarmac. Every one who registered at the promotional website to watch the concert received 100 loyalty points


Registrants info was matched to the loyalty program database. Concert was streamed across Spirit’s YouTube, Facebook & Twitter accounts. Hosting took place on Microsoft Azure, and streaming access was set to timeout after 24 hours, creating great urgency.

Spirit achieved of 12 million earned media impressions, acquired over 10 thousand new members, and set the stage for renewed interest in air travel.