about us

Headquartered in Ferndale, Michigan with a central region office in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, for over thirty years, iwerk has offered a full range of evolving technology solutions across the country.
Integrity, empathy, and vision. Three words that describe OUR LEADERSHIP team exceptionally well. At iwerk, it's important to have leaders who lead by example, believe in their people, and dare to try new things. Our clients are not strangers to our leadership team, as they each are present in the day-to-day while simultaneously stepping back to let others shine in their respective roles.
Andrew Hofmann Executive Vice President
Case Martinec Chief Technology Officer
Nowell Upham Chief Growth Officer
Mark Knapp Director of Technical Services
iwerk: Your Trusted Technology Partner

When we founded iwerk in 1991, we described ourselves simply as “Consultants, Programmers, and Technicians.” Our mission was clear: to partner with our clients to demystify and harness the power of emerging technologies. As those technologies evolved, so did iwerk. We grew, learned, and welcomed dozens of employees (affectionately known as “iwerkers”) and hundreds of clients.

I, along with my partners Paul Tucci and Zachary Savas, am proud of what we have built together. We are immensely grateful for our loyal clients and our brilliant, hardworking iwerkers.

Today, iwerk is helping businesses navigate the complexities of artificial intelligence, protecting them from the ever-changing threats of cybercrime, guiding their transition to cloud-based, serverless environments, and crafting software that enables them to achieve their goals.

We remain consultants, programmers, and technicians at heart, and our mission continues to be your trusted technology partner.

Tom Lewis, President and CEO