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Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan and with regional offices in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Mesa, Arizona, iwerk offers a full scope of technology services under one roof. From building responsive websites, CRM platform integration, and custom database creation to IT support and network security; we pride ourselves on implementing and utilizing the latest technology to help you and your business succeed.

our story

Our visionary founders, Lewis & Lewis, started iwerk in 1991, and since then we’ve grown from four to 40+ employees, had six offices, 784 clients and counting, six overseas voyages, and countless projects implemented for clients. With a full scope of technology services under one roof, iwerk has scaled by supporting thousands of users and partnering with hundreds of companies across 31 states, from Fortune 500s to mom-and-pop shops, creatively solving complex technology needs.

To us the ‘how’ matters most: How your team experiences iwerk, and how your team interacts with us. By always keeping people at the forefront, we know our work will continue to make a positive impact. We are deliberate in building an atmosphere and culture that values: Service above what’s expected; creativity in our problem solving and solutions; flexibility in how we work; initiative to handle what’s on the horizon without selling just to sell; passion in our work and results; positivity because life deserves it; boldness because boring doesn’t suit us; and solutions because building them is what we do.

As we continue to evolve and succeed within the ever-changing technology-driven world around us, Tom Lewis and his co-owners, Paul Tucci and Zachary Savas, remain committed to inclusive, responsible, and sustainable growth. It’s how we think, plan, and operate.
Integrity, empathy, and vision. Three words that describe our leadership team so well. At iwerk, it's important to have leaders who lead by example, believe in their people, and dare to try new things. Our clients are not strangers to our leadership team, as they each are present in the day-to-day while simultaneously stepping back to let others shine in their respective roles. They say you can't have the best of both worlds, but at iwerk we come pretty close.
Drew Hofmann EVP
Cory Truesdell VP of Operations
Case Martinec President - iwerk TX
Our biggest strength is the collective intelligence and work ethic from each individual member of our team. Engineers, Analysts, Programmers, IT professionals, and Managers — we all work together to provide our clients with only the best technology solutions. At iwerk, we believe that we succeed as a team and we fail as a team.