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Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan and with regional offices in Ft. Worth, Texas, and Mesa, Arizona, iwerk has helped hundreds of clients across the country modernize their business with our wide range of digital solutions. From building responsive websites, CRM platform integration, and custom database creation to IT support and network security; we pride ourselves on implementing and utilizing the latest technology to help you and your business succeed.

our story

Our visionary founders, Lewis & Lewis, started iwerk In 1991, and since then we’ve grown from four to 44 employees, had six offices, 784 clients and counting, six overseas voyages, and countless projects implemented for clients. Evolving through a digital revolution, iwerk has scaled by supporting thousands of users and partnering with hundreds of companies across 31 states, from Fortune 500s to mom-and-pop shops, creatively solving complex technology needs.

To us the ‘how’ matters most: How your team experiences iwerk, and how your team interacts with us. By always keeping people at the forefront, we know our work will continue to make a positive impact. We are deliberate in building an atmosphere and culture that values: Service above what’s expected; creativity in our problem solving and solutions; flexibility in how we work; initiative to handle what’s on the horizon without selling just to sell; passion in our work and results; positivity because life deserves it; boldness because boring doesn’t suit us; and solutions because building them is what we do.

As we continue to grow and evolve with the ever-changing technology-driven world around us, we can’t wait to see what’s next for us, and the people we serve.
Party Like It's
Lewis and Lewis opened its doors in 1991, but quickly outgrew its Royal Oak homestead.
Ready, Set, Werk
We moved the office to Birmingham the following year, hired a small team of awesome folks, and got to work installing our first major client network.
In true iwerk fashion, we added beer to the mix. We christened our first and most holiest of traditions, the “New Guy Beer.”
Opening doors and Windows
In ‘94 we installed a revolutionary operating system called Windows
Bottom's Up!
New business had us hopping on flights to Germany. We also moved to a new office on Woodward Avenue. To celebrate, we went to lunch at the Royal Oak Brewery, a place where iwerk regulars even now.
Let's Go, Logo!
We unveiled our new logo to solidify our identity.
Everything's Bigger at iwerk
We opened a new location in Dallas, Texas.
A Very iwerk Christmas
If you haven't picked up on it yet, iwerk has a lot of tradition. In December 2010, we celebrated the very first 12 "Days of Happy Hour."
On the Move
2011 was an exciting year as settled into our current office in downtown Royal Oak.
iwerk Goes National
Our Technology Service client base expanded nationwide – supporting clients in 35 states
At Your Service
2018 was a busy year, with our tech services team achieving their 200,000th completed support request ticket, and expanded the Detroit iwerk offices yet again.
Just Warming Up
In March, we opened our third location in Mesa, Arizona. What else will this year bring?