Pabst Blue Ribbon

“PBR,” as it commonly called, is an iconic beer that’s been around since 1844. The brands popularity revival in the 2020’s coincides with it’s support of the arts. PBR once stood for the hard working middle class of the 1900’s, and needed to find a new niche drinkers to help invigorate the brand. Instead of the working class, the brand set out to win the hands, hearts, and mouths of the creative class. Become the beer of choice among musicians, artists was the goal.



PBR launched the “Sound Society” promotion in stores and online. For every 12-pack purchased during the promotion period, $1 of free music studio time was donated to an up and coming artist. Drink Beer. Help Artists was the rally cry that created sales “movement.”


Social channels promoted offer. Promotional microsite hyped promo, and geo-tracked participation, and minutes-earned. Online voting helped direct studio funds to locally nominated bands, giving promotion a local, grass roots feel.

PBR boosted YOY case sales over 20% by engaging over 50,000 beer-loving music lovers. Over 18,000 minutes of free studio time was awarded.