Argus Corporation

Argus performs vehicle upgrades for automobile manufacturers, up-fitting cars with custom manufactured assemblies. Argus’s business was expanding rapidly. Car and location counts were both up. More cars meant more moving parts, literally and figuratively. Matching the right car to the right service ticket and to the right parts assemblies was eating valuable admin and mechanic time (and profits.)


The Solution

iwerk worked closely with the Argus plant management to deliver a vehicle inventory and service area workflow tracking software solution that resided on a tablet device w/in a PIN-protected environment, and included floor and Mgt tracking dashboards.

The Technology

A vehicle’s VIN is scanned into the .NET application using a Honeywell tablet with an outdoor grade, MFR barcode-friendly hand scanner. The VIN is cross referenced with DOAL and PLC data to track each vehicle’s progress during the outfitting process. The Azure hosted .NET MVC application manages massive amounts of entries and uses JSON web services to quickly deliver detailed data on thousands of vehicles at a time.

Argus is now servicing up to 35% more vehicles per week. They have improved efficiency, accuracy, accountability, audit-ability, and throughput.