What We Did

Comfortable, professional, performance dress shirts – ones that move with you and breathe – were about to hit the market. Designing and manufacturing the product? No sweat. Making it in the e-commerce industry? Another story altogether. That’s when Lawrence Hunt turned to the prowess of iwerk and our creative partners. The iwerk team accepted the challenge, rolled up our sleeves, and set out to confidently launch the brand through a creative direct-to-consumer go-to-market strategy. Along with our creative partner, iwerk custom-tailored an optimized e-commerce platform that brought Lawrence Hunt’s vision to life.

How We Did It

LawrenceHuntFashion.com was designed and built on a customized mobile-responsive e-commerce template, complete with its own content management system making it easy for employees to manage sales, inventory, and content. The iwerk team also integrated the ability to create merchant accounts, along with social media, into the streamlined solution. Since its launch, the brand has been spotlighted in top business and men’s fashion publications, creating a national sensation. The line has also expanded its target audience to women, because why should men be the only cool ones sitting in the boardroom?