What We Did

One of our specialties at iwerk is taking old processes, and bringing them up to date with custom software-based solutions in place of what are often archaic or risky applications. When John E. Green, a commercial Mechanical and Fire Protection Contractor, reached out to iwerk in 1995 for initial development and then again in 2005 to help them find a solution for standardizing their project management process, we were ready to get to work. Originally using Microsoft Access with each demographic location having its own data and then syncing to the headquarters, iwerk converted their process into a web-based centralized system system called, Project Tracker.  This eliminated the need for the nightly headache of trying to sync data across multiple locations into one data set. Now users were able to connect to the project tracker and manage projects no matter the location which increased management efficiency and improved employee experience.

Since our initial project, iwerk has also created a labor and time tracking application, added the ability to post mail merge documents to a SharePoint site,  built a job completion forecasting tool, and added functionality across the platform for communications, documentation, project standardization, reporting, and more.