Looking for a Job?

We are currently in search of an experienced Software Developer to create and maintain high-end web sites. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in a positive and creative work environment that offers excellent benefits and flexible schedules. We are looking for a full-time mid-level and senior Software Developers. Our current need is a front-end…

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ethan!

Meet Ethan is the newest [ish] member to our Developer Team. This past summer he was our intern and has come back to work for us! Ethan is a Metro-Detroit Native attending Wayne State University and enjoys mountain biking in his free time. Fast Facts About Ethan: Favorite Color: Evergreen Favorite Restaurant: Beau’s Favorite Band:…

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Liz Pryor

Employee Spotlight – Meet Liz!

Today’s featured employee – Miss Liz Pryor! Liz is a Software Project Manager for our Dallas office. She joined our team back in 2012 working as the bridge between our developers and clients. Liz is a Texas Rangers fan, avid softball player, and lover of the warm Dallas weather. FAST FACTS ABOUT LIZ: Title: Senior…

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iwerk Mer Harper

Employee Spotlight – Meet Mer!

Employee Spotlights are back – today’s feature is Mer Harper, our new[ish] Marketing Director. Mer joined the team back in August working with all things social, communications, marketing, and dabbling in quality assurance. She’s a Metro-Detroit transplant from the Lansing area, mother of two small dogs, and a fearless creative. In her free time, Mer…

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Cyber Security Month

Cyber Security Month: Tip 4

Cyber Security Personal Tip: [Be proactive and stay informed of emerging threats.] While most people probably don’t consider themselves a target, the majority attacks and compromises are not directed at a single person. Often, it’s a numbers game and scans are carried out upon large swaths of network blocks to search for vulnerable systems. Because…

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Cyber Security Tip #3

Cyber Security Month: Tip 3

Cyber Security Month is still in full swing – today we discuss updating your personal devices and sharing information via work emails. Small steps such as those mentioned below can have a huge impact on your security.   Personal Tip: [Perform regular updates on all computing devices] If your operating system offers automatic updates, it’s…

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Cyber Security Tip #2

Cyber Security Month: Tip 2

Social Media and Email have become ingrained platforms within our lives. However, their implications within our Cyber Security may be deeper rooted than face value. Small steps can have a huge impact towards becoming more secure. Cyber Security Personal Tip: [Be aware of the potential impact when sharing information on social media.] While it may…

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Cyber Security Month: Tip 1

  The United States Department of Homeland Security has dubbed October as Cyber Security Month. Our world is more connected than it has ever been and it is important for us to remember how to stay safe while utilizing our connection. iwerker Adam Jeanguenat has come up with a few tips to help both your personal…

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iOS 10

My Week With iOS 10

The Basics I have an iPhone 6S Plus – 64 GB. I’m a phone addict – but not a super user by any means. I updated my phone to iOS 10 because, as luck would have it, I was searching for some new content to blog about. Normally I wait a few weeks to update…

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Google Fuchsia

Google Fuchsia – First Impression

Sources such as Y Combinator, GitHub, and The Verge have been buzzing with news from Google: Google Fuchsia. We couldn’t help but take a peek at the newly announced skunkworks project. Why? Because who isn’t curious to see what Google is doing to push the boundaries of technology? Google Fuchsia appears to be a strong…

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iwerk looks at 25 with President, Tom Lewis

iwerk has been a successful software development and tech services company for the last 25 years, and no one is more proud than the company’s President, Tom Lewis. I sat down with Tom to discuss the longevity of the company, and why he feels that iwerk has been able to not only exist for the…

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Passing of the Ceremonial Ham – Welcome Nicole!

Welcome to the iwerk team, Nicole! One of the many unique iwerk traditions is the passing of the ceremonial HAM from new employee to new employee. Well the new proud owner of the HAM and our newest iwerker is Nicole Griesse! 1.) Who are you?  Nicole Griesse 2.) Where are you from? Fayetteville, AR…woo pig…

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