Provident Healthcare

The Challenge

When Provident came to iwerk they were seeking a way to translate their expertise into a proven digital solution in healthcare industry. ICD9 codes were being replaced with ICD10 codes, and healthcare professionals had little to no place to look up the new codes and the new coding procedures.

What We Did

We created a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based app called DocEdge to meet the clinical demands of healthcare professionals.

How We Did It

The iwerk team created the DocEdge app to have three interfaces in one - DocEdge Mobile Education, DocEdge Communicator, and Physician AdvisorsEdge. One of the very first features of the app listed all the new codes and identify the order in which procedures had to be completed (e.x. examination, x-ray, mri - in that order or risk not getting reimbursed). This was useful as healthcare professionals could look these up on their phone, bookmark them, etc. and it was one of the few places where this information was easily accessible.

Additional features include a robust search option, a texting feature which allows physicians to ask Provident how to code cases properly so claims are not denied, and a scheduling feature for time entries and more. In addition to these features, the DocEdge mobile app provides compliance education, effective medical professional communication, and accuracy in clinical documentation.
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